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Secure all doors and windows

Did you know that most people just replace the locks of the front door? You must have all locks replaced according to our experts. The locks of every single door and window! Intruders break in from the weakest point. Don't give them that pleasure. Eliminate the weak points and reinforce window security as well with good locks.

Don't neglect office security

Your office is the place where you make money in order to live and enjoy. Don't make it a target! Choose the best door locks but also secure every possible entry point. Don't forget to secure the fire escape exit and every emergency exit. Make sure your file cabinet locks well as well as all main offices.

How to avoid frozen locks

One of the most formidable inconveniences that winter brings is freezing out locks, making opening such a fuss. Professional locksmiths in Vista suggest that you dip your keys into oil or grease and out them into your locks, turning them several times. A well distributed lubricant will help avoid frozen locks. If the lock is already frozen, heating up the key a bit can help.

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