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What other security devices must I get?

The basic thing is to have good security door locks at any entry point. This is the main rule of security according to our technicians. Apart from that, you can also install alarms, motion and light detectors, devices imitating a dog barking and surveillance cameras. There're many products but don't forget to secure the door locks.

When will I feel completely secure?

Your home security depends on your choices and actions. You must make wise decisions when you're picking new security door locks and make sure all doors and windows have good bolts. It's important to install supplementary security devices and plenty of lights in the perimeter but also lock all entrances and have the locks replaced periodically.

How often do locks require cleaning?

Door locks get dirty easy when they are exposed to large amounts of dust and strong winds, which bring more dust and dirt. In this case or in the case there's construction work around the house, it's best to clean the security locks as soon as the bad weather or the construction work is over.

Do locksmiths require any specialized training?

Yes, absolutely. Technicians like our experts are fully qualified to be called locksmiths after passing a rigorous training and accreditation process that adheres to all local, state and federal locksmithing standards. Never allow anyone to perform locksmithing duties on your locks that cannot provide you with proof that they are fully accredited professionals.

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